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Our Practice

Our mission at River’s Edge Animal Hospital is simple: to provide thorough, compassionate care to our patients while ensuring their families understand diagnostics and treatment options to make informed, effective decisions. We understand your pet(s) are a part of your family and therefore treat both you and your furry companion(s) as an extension of our own.

With our mission as the focal point, our practice centers around six core values:

Do the Right Thing... There is No Alternative! - Given our responsibility to each other, our patients, and our clients, behaving ethically is a critical, fundamental aspect of our practice.

Kindness Wins... Every Time. - In a competitive scene filled with talented people, empathy is key. Our company culture is built on inclusion and respect and we consider both as defining aspects of our identity.

Continuously Consistent Service From Start to Finish – We are committed to providing continuous and consistent professional service from start to finish, every single time.

Community First, Always. - We stand behind the power of community and vow to continually place our team members, patients, and the Rock Hill community first, always.

Excellence Is Our Standard – We provide our patients with the highest quality care, meaning excellence is our standard. This gives us the tools to prevent illness when possible, to prolong the health and well-being of our patients, and to adequately treat any ailments that arise throughout their lifetimes.

Education Equips and Sustains Us. – We believe both knowledge and understanding are the building blocks for good and trusted decisions. When it comes to the health and quality of life of our pets, it is essential to tap into respected and knowledgeable resources to guide our plans, choices, and expectations. We make an unsurpassed effort to inform and explain our findings, diagnoses, and treatment options with the common goal to empower you to work with us in caring for your companions together as a team.

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