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For a thorough pet diagnosis, certain health concerns may require an internal examination. Whether it's worries about internal organs, the need for a tissue sample, or signs of a foreign object, your veterinarian may suggest a closer look. While surgery is the traditional method, endoscopy offers a less invasive option, letting the veterinarian visualize internal structures, reducing recovery time and surgical risks.

An endoscope has a small video lens, a light for illumination, and a biopsy tool. It's versatile, allowing examination of areas like the nose, throat, stomach, upper intestines, lungs, and lower intestinal tract.

River's Edge Animal Hospital has an in-office advanced endoscopy unit, enabling the diagnosis of respiratory and digestive tract illnesses for both current patients and outpatients referred by your family veterinarian. Dr. Blackburn, with extensive training and seven years of experience, is excited to offer this unique service within River’s Edge to enhance your pet's well-being.


We understand these diagnostic tests can be an expensive surprise for pet parents, and having the ability to provide these services for both current patients and outpatient referrals is a service we are grateful to offer. By optimizing operational efficiency and minimizing overhead costs, REAH's top-notch diagnostic services are available at a more cost-effective rate than other emergency or specialty hospitals in the area, allowing these services to be more accessible for all. Additionally, our non-competitive commitment to collaborate with referring veterinarians ensures seamless outpatient services, saving both time and money for their patients.


Give us a call at 803.567.5568 or email us at for more information OR if you are a referring veterinarian, click the "Refer a Case" tab to the left to begin the referral process.

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