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Preventative Care

Wellness Exams

Preventative care is of utmost importance in maintaining your pet’s health for years to come. Our pets age five to seven years every calendar year, making physical exams an important part of the early detection of health problems. River’s Edge recommends that adult pets (1-7 yrs) receive annual physical examinations and that senior pets (7+ yrs) receive a tip-to-tail exam of all body structures every six months.

Early Detection Screenings & Lab Testing

Our early detection lab testings screen organ/metabolic health and check for common diseases like diabetes, kidney, liver, and thyroid diseases, ensuring we keep your pet’s health a top priority. Our parasite screenings ensure preventative measures are working effectively.

Vaccinations & Titers

Ensuring your pet stays up-to-date with its necessary vaccinations is an additional aspect of maintaining his/her best health. Vaccinations work to prevent potentially fatal diseases and our vaccination protocol will be tailored to your individual pet, its lifestyle, and overall risks after a discussion with your River’s Edge veterinarian.

Nutritional Consults

As with humans, a healthy and balanced diet is necessary for optimal health. We offer nutritional consults which include the evaluation of your pet’s particular diet, caloric needs, and feeding methods. We can also explore additional preventative measures based on your pet’s unique health concerns.

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